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Open-Source Vs Groupon: GNOME Battle To Protect Their Trademark

This is a story all about how GNOME got twisted, turned upside down. If you'd like to take a minute, just sit right there, I'll tell you why a site called Groupon is being unfair...

11 November 2014

Pitivi Video Editor Launches €100k Fundraising Campaign

The development team behind open-source video editor Pitivi are seeking €100,000 to turn it into a 'flexible, high-end' application.

23 February 2014

Linux Twitter App ‘Birdie’ Hops Aboard Crowdfunding Bandwagon

Lightweight Twitter app 'Birdie' has jumped aboard the crowd-funding bandwagon. The project is seeking €5,000 to 'create the best Twitter client available' for Linux.

31 July 2013

Why Did Geary’s Fundraiser Fail?

While the world was busying download Ubuntu 13.04 last week time ran out on a crowd-funding campaign for Linux e-mail app Geary. But why did it fail where so many other, less useful, projects succeed?

30 April 2013

Open-Source E-Mail App Geary Enters Final Days of Fundraiser

Less than 3 days remain for open-source e-mail client Geary to raise $100,000 towards future development.

22 April 2013
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Is The NexPhone Concept Worth Donating To?

The NexPhone wants $950,000 of your money to build a prototype. But is it worth chucking coin at? We take a look...

14 September 2012

Linux Gaming Update: Carmageddon, Lodestar, From Dust + More

The Linux gaming scene appears to be moving along faster than Sonic the Hedgehog strapped to the roof of a SuperTux Kart. With so many developments, updates, releases, ports and Kickstarter projects being announced it's hard for me to keep up. So, from the last week or so alone, here is a bite-size rundown of the more notable gaming news on Linux that I didn't get around to mentioning...

13 June 2012

The Lure of the Community Approach

Since the announce of the fundraising for The Debian Administrator's Handbook, many people commented on the project's approach. Just because it's a free software related project, there should be only one way to do it... let me debunk those claims!

5 October 2011
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Novacut back on Kickstarter

OS X and Windows users always had no shortage of pro video editors but Linux never had such privilege. Novacut project aims to bring a pro video editor to Linux that is 100% free and open source right down to every single detail.

1 July 2011