20130320161830-geary-yorbaLess than 3 days remain for open-source e-mail client Geary to raise $100,000 towards future development.

Yorba, the company behind the mail app, say that the amount of money they’re seeking is the ‘bare minimum needed to make the next version of Geary’

Geary hit version 0.3 back in March, adding support for multiple-accounts, marking mail as ‘Spam’ and improving the way threaded conversations are displayed.

So far over 900 people have given to the Geary fundraiser over on IndieGoGo. The total at the time of writing sits at $42,000 of the $100,000 target.

Yorba have until just shy of midnight PT on Wednesday April 24th to reach their goal – but, as per IndieGoGo fixed-funding rules, if they fail to reach it they won’t recieve a single cent of the money already pledged.

What $100,000 Gets

But what does $100,000 worth of funding look like when translated into development? Yorba pledge to ‘devote’ three full-time developers to crafting a better Geary.

Backers can expect their money to go towards the adding the following features:

  • ‘As You Type’ Searching
  • Always-on notification of new emails
  • Support for all major IMAP servers
  • Auto/Saving of Draft E-Mail
  • Transparent GPG integration
  • Calendar app integration
  • Google Contact Address importing

All or Nothing Gamble

It’s an all or nothing gamble by Yorba. Their aim of creating a ‘world-class email client’ for Linux (a Mac port is planned should the goal be met) is certainly one most of us can get behind. With Mozilla now all-but-abandoning Thunderbird, there is a electronic-mail-shaped void to be filled.

But do people see it as a $100,000 void worth filling? In 3 days we’ll find out.

To chuck in a few dollars to the campaign hit the link below. To install the Geary in Ubuntu 12.10 or 13.04 follow the intstructions in this post.

Geary on IndieGoGo

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