Desktop backup tool Déjaup has been proposed – and tentatively accepted – for inclusion as a default application in Ubuntu 11.10.

Déja Dup is a simplified backup tool for Ubuntu and aimed at desktop users that provides ‘support for local, remote, or cloud backup locations; is able to securely encrypts and compress data; provides incremental back ups and can follow back up schedules. Backups can also be restored from the LiveCD.

Backing up to Ubuntu One is a possibility but not currently provided.

Alternative solutions are generally considered more complicated to use, as well as lacking Unity and GNOME integration.

As one developer reasoned in the UDS session debating shipping the app by default:

“[It’s an] Important thing to have if we want to go mainstream. This is a good time.”

And I agree. As someone who is paranoid

“Good pedigree”

The application has been around for 3 or 4 years, and is already considered ‘mature’ enough to ship as a default application in Fedora.

But there are arguments against Déja Dup. One is the restriction in using a specific backup format: –

“Déja Dup uses an opaque format for files stored in your backup location. You must use Déja Dup or another duplicity-based tool to restore your files. This is opposed to a native format where you can browse and examine your files using any normal file tool.

“….duplicity [handles] the encryption, and …uses gpg with a symmetric cipher. Basically, that means it is encrypted just with the password your provide. You will need to remember that password to restore your data.”

CD Size

But will it fit on the 700mb Ubuntu CD? Space is tight but by stripping out Amazon and RackSpace support will reduce the size of the app from around 6MB to 3MB. A healthy, if still relatively hefty, footprint.

The removed features would, instead, should the app ship by default, be ‘suggested’ for installation via the Ubuntu Software Centre.

Trying Deja Dup via PPA

You don’t have to wait until Ubuntu 11.10 to try Deja Dup – you can install via the Software Centre or by adding one of the following PPAs: –

Stable PPA

Development PPA

backup dejadup oneiric uds-o