Raspberry Pi – a £25 computer – went on sale this morning and sold out within minutes.

The credit-card sized device sports a 700MHz ARMv6 CPU, a GPU with enough grunt to decode 1080p HD video, 256MB of RAM, audio, HDMI, SD and USB ports – and a tonne of possibilities.

The Pi doesn’t ship with an OS of its own (it doesn’t even have storage of its own) but a Fedora spin designed for the Pi is available for booting from an SD card.

Sell out

Although the device was made available to order today demand was so high that the initial run of boards sold out within minutes on one of the two British companies officially offering the Pi.

Buyers wishing to purchase a board from the other company – RS Components – are instead being asked to ‘express and interest’ for a heads-up on availability of the the Pi when they put it on sale at the end of week.

For more information, and a greater overview of the device, head over to the official site @ raspberrypi.org

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