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Here are the latest batch of Linux app updates, with new features distilled into an easily digestible format. Plus, instructions on how to install them too.

the logo for gtk audio tag editing Ear Tag

Ear Tag (GTK Audio Tag Editor) Gets a Major Performance Boost

A quick run-through of what's been added to Ear Tag, a beautifully designed utility for editing the metadata of audio files quickly, and easily on Linux.

27 December 2022
kdenlive beta release

Kdenlive 22.12 Released with “Major Overhaul” of Edit Markers

A new version of Kdenlive, a Qt-based open source video editor for Windows, macOS, and Linux is out. I run through what's new and where to download it.

12 December 2022
firefox logo on an orange background

Mozilla Firefox 108 is Now Available to Download

Mozilla Firefox 108 is the latest version of the browser to be made available to download. We look at the changes it offers to users, and where to download.

12 December 2022

OpenShot 3.0 Released with Major Improvements & New Features

Import that footage you've been meaning to edit into the latest version of OpenShot, a free, open-source Qt-based video editor for macOS, Windows & Linux.

11 December 2022
Vivaldi web browser logo

Vivaldi Browser Now Boasts Mastodon Integration

Vivaldi web browser already does a lot, and as of the latest update it does a bit more: Mastodon, with native support for the decentralised social hub.

7 December 2022
screenshot of the rawtherapee app

Open Source Photography App ‘RawTherapee’ Gets Big Update

Rawtherapee 5.9 is out. New features and expanded camera support ship in this update to the open-source photo editor. Learn more about what's changed.

1 December 2022

20 Years in the Making: ClamAV Finally Hits Version 1.0

Does Ubuntu need anti-virus software? The general answer is no, but that doesn't mean you shouldn't use one to run a check every now and then – use ClamAV.

30 November 2022
firefox logo on an orange background

Mozilla Firefox 107 is Now Available to Download

A new version of Mozilla Firefox is available to download. Don't get excited, though: this is a small release – even by recent 'small release' standards!

15 November 2022

Firefox 106 Brings PDF Annotation & Gesture Nav to Linux

I spotlight 4 new features in Firefox 106 that are well worth knowing about, including new PDF editing features and gesture navigation for Linux.

20 October 2022
virtualbox logo

VirtualBox 7.0 Boasts VM Encryption, Better Support for Windows 11

What's better than VirtualBox? A new version of VirtualBox! The latest release is out with a capable crop of enhancements. Want details? Find 'em inside.

11 October 2022

Extension Manager 0.4 Intros Compatibility Checker, Adaptive UI

Extension Manager 0.4 is out with a mobile-friendly UI, and better adherence to GNOME HIG. A new compatibility assistant is included too, if you need it.

6 October 2022
onlyoffice logo

ONLYOFFICE 7.2 Released with Misc New Features & Improvements

An updated version of ONLYOFFICE is available to download for Windows, macOS, and Linux. ONLYOFFICE 7.2 ships with all of the latest changes to the online version, plus some ‘unique features’ exclusive to the desktop […]

27 September 2022