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Desktop YouTube app ‘Minitube’ sees bug fix release

Minitube - the impressive HD-capable and Adobe Flash-free desktop YouTube player for Windows, Mac and Linux - has seen a new 'bug fix' release this morning.

16 May 2011

Banshee 2.0 released; new features, bug fixes and more

Banshee 2.0 has just been released, bringing with it numerous new features such as user interface improvements, album/artist track actions, sound menu and Ubuntu One Music store extensions and more. Those that have been keeping up with the development of Banshee unstable probably won't notice many new features, but if you're upgrading from the last stable version (1.8) it's sure to be a vast improvement.

6 April 2011
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KDE Twitter app Choqok 1.1 released; how to download

An update to Qt Twitter client 'Choqok' is now available for download. Now on version 1.1, the release contains a new translator plugin; a timeline filter to make reading tweets in your stream from a specific person or topic easier and a new option to hide the menu bar.

3 April 2011
The Board gets a minor update - and window borders!

Minor update pushed out for thought-taking app ‘The Board’

A minor update to Lucas Rocha's note-space application 'The Board' has been pushed out to early testers.

29 March 2011
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Shotwell 0.9 released with new search bar, tiff support and more

Photo management application 'Shotwell' has hit version 0.9 this morning. New features added include support for .tiff images, a new search bar and the ability to edit multiple photo titles at the same time. Installation details for Ubuntu 10.04 and 10.10 users, along with some pretty screenshots, are inside.

23 March 2011
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Postler update adds docky badge, port options and more

The first update of refined desktop mail application Postler is now available to download.

21 March 2011
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Google Chrome Dev channel update brings new logo to Linux

Google Chrome drops it's revamped logo into Linux - and boy is it an improvement.

16 March 2011
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Media converter HandBrake sees new release

A new version of open-source, multiplatform video converter 'HandBrake' has been made available for download.

3 January 2011

Latest Ubuntu Tweak stuffed full of new features

Feeling full after xmas? Me too. Time for a post-gluttonous recap on a apps which sneaked out new releases whilst the rest of us where noshing down stodgy cake and irrepressible amounts of mince pies... First up: Ubuntu Tweak.

27 December 2010
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Banshee 1.9.1 upgrades Ubuntu extensions, adds subtitle support

A new development release of soon-to-be Ubuntu's default music player Banshee was released a few days back, bringing with it subtitle support and improvements to the podcast view as well as a tonne of bugfixes. Read on for more information.

21 December 2010
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Wine 1.3.9 brings beginnings of ActiveX support

Another week and another Wine development release. What has version 1.3.9 spilt out over the tablecloth we call the desktop?

12 December 2010
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DJ software mixxx updates, adds Beta build

Open-source Live DJ software Mixxx, developed by a community of DJ’s, saw the first beta release in its 1.9.0 cycle released alongside an update to version 1.8.x.

10 December 2010