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Here are the latest batch of Linux app updates, with new features distilled into an easily digestible format. Plus, instructions on how to install them too.

WPS Office for Linux Gets New Look, Now Supports Ubuntu 22.04+

A new version to the free (but not open-source) WPS Office is available for Linux. It’s been an age since I last mentioned WPS Office on this blog. The main reason for this is I […]

16 August 2023

Thunderbird 115.1 Released with Bug Fixes & UI Buffs

The recent release of Thunderbird 115 (aka “Supernova”) seems to have gone down well with users of all shades, across all platforms — which is always nice to see. To keep things ticking over nicely […]

3 August 2023
firefox logo on an orange background

Mozilla Firefox 116 is Now Available to Download

A new month means and a new version of Mozilla Firefox is available to download. Firefox 116 carries a modest crop of changes that further refine and finesse the famed FOSS browser. Do you use […]

1 August 2023
gimp on ubuntu graphic

GIMP Dev Release Completes GTK3 Port, Adds Headerbar Option

A new development version of GIMP recently released, and it’s a fairly notably one for a couple of reasons. Though not stable (i.e. expect bugs) this release gives us our best look yet at how […]

18 July 2023

Thunderbird 115 Released with Major UI Changes

A brand new version of the Thunderbird email client is out – and it’s looking fire! Many of the major UI changes teased last year make their debut here in Thunderbird 115, which has been […]

11 July 2023
firefox logo on an orange background

Firefox 115 Released with Intel GPU Video Decoding on Linux

A brand new version of the Mozilla Firefox web browser is rolling out — and it’s a real doozy. Linux users with Intel GPUs will be THRILLED to hear that Mozilla Firefox 115 finally supports […]

4 July 2023
Opera One Aria prompt bar

Opera One, an AI-infused Web Browser, Hits Linux

I haven’t used the Opera web browser since… Well, forever – but I’m well aware it remains a popular option with folks. Today, June 20, Opera hit version 100 and, through the power of marketing, […]

20 June 2023
onlyoffice logo

ONLYOFFICE 7.4 Adds Draw Tools and Plugin Support for ChatGPT

Some neat improvements feature in the latest update to ONLYOFFICE, an open-source productivity suite for Windows, macOS, and Linux. As always I’m not shouting the name to annoy you, it’s simply how it’s stylised. ONLYOFFICE […]

14 June 2023
firefox logo on an orange background

Firefox 114 Released with DNS over HTTPS Tweaks, FIDO2 Support

You know the deal: the world spins, a month passes, and a new version of Mozilla Firefox is released for Windows, macOS, and Linux. Firefox 114 arrives on schedule, with a few notable enhancements, a […]

5 June 2023

Tube Converter Gets New Backend for Improved Stability

A major update to Tube Converter is now available. If you’re not familiar with this GTK4/libadwaita app, it’s a GUI tool that makes it easy to download videos from YouTube (assuming you have permission, etc) […]

27 May 2023
firefox logo on an orange background

Firefox 113 Makes Picture-in-Picture Mode More Useful

A new version of Mozilla Firefox is rolling out across Windows, macOS and, more importantly to us, Linux. Firefox 113 is an interesting update that enhances the browser’s capabilities in a number of areas. While […]

8 May 2023

Mozilla Firefox 112 Released with Low-Key Iterative Improvements

The latest monthly release of Mozilla Firefox is available to download, right on schedule. Firefox 112 intros a handful of changes that gives some extra buffs to this brilliant open-source web-browser. Like what? Well, Mozilla […]

11 April 2023