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New Icons, Window Snap Animation Land in Unity

A new window snapping effect is one of several changes to have recently arrived in Unity in Ubuntu 13.04. Read on for more details and a video of the effect in action.

22 January 2013
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New Look “Aero-Snap” Coming To Ubuntu

Although the Ubuntu 11.10 development cycle has already seen an improvement to Ubuntu's "aero-snap" feature by way of a throbbing golden effect, an improved and more visually-informative animation could yet find its way into Oneiric before release.

4 September 2011
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The little things that matter: Unity’s new grid animations

I'm a sucker for detail. In yesterdays update to Ubuntu 11.04's Unity interface the Grid plugin (read 'aero snap') for Compiz added some animated 'effects' when being invoked. Read on to see them in action and why I think they're more than just simple 'bling'...

8 April 2011
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“Aero snap” in Ubuntu Unity [Video]

Bye bye inelegant hacks to achieve 'Aero snap' style window management in Ubuntu, and hello Unity + Compiz with it's very own 'edge snap' plugin. Watch it in action inside.

27 January 2011
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Enable mouse gesture Aero Snap effect in Ubuntu

Enable aero-snap functions in Ubuntu using nothing more than your mouse thanks to this simple tutorial by Misterpah who has kindly let us publish it here. The background After being impressed with gesture-based features in […]

23 September 2010
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How To Enable Aero Snap in Ubuntu Linux Using Compiz

Ubuntu users can get a the cool functionality of Windows 7’s “Aero Snap” with a few copy’s and a few pastes thanks to an awesome tutorial on the UbuntuForums by forum-er gotsanity. Props and cookies […]

10 November 2009