Although the Ubuntu 11.10 development cycle has already seen an improvement to Ubuntu’s “aero-snap” feature by way of a throbbing golden effect, an improved and more visually-informative animation could yet find its way into Oneiric before release.

The new effect replaces the ‘coloured outline’ animation currently used in Ubuntu 11.04 and 11.10 beta by fading in a blurred screenshot of the window to be ‘maximised’.

It might sound like a minor cosmetic change but being able to essentially ‘preview’ the effect of the ‘snap’ on the content inside the window before you apply it you can better make a choice about whether or not it will impact or improve your workflow.

The subtle effect of “fading” the window out when backing away from the edge without releasing the window will help inform you that you’re no longer in danger of activating the ‘snap’ should you release the window.

If you’re still not following – and admittedly it’s an effect better seen than read – hit play on the video below: –

The bug related to this issue has been tagged ‘backlog’. If it doesn’t manage to find a way in to the release of Oneiric in October, the April release of 12.04 should certainly play home to it.

#689792 via Scott on Google+

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