Ubuntu 23.10 Beta is Now Available to Download

A beta build of Ubuntu 23.10 is now available to download. This development milestone is intended for testing and feedback. It comes ahead of the scheduled stable release of Ubuntu 23.10 on October 12 – […]

22 September 2023

‘Dark Style’ GNOME Extension for Ubuntu 23.10

In Ubuntu 23.10 the default Yaru theme uses a light style for GNOME Shell elements — but there’s a new GNOME extension that lets you change this without affecting the rest of your desktop. Upstream […]

20 September 2023
half of a firefox logo and half of an ubuntu logo against a speed background

Ubuntu 23.10 Runs Firefox in Wayland Mode by Default

Most of us using Ubuntu use the Mozilla Firefox Snap preinstalled by default — and in Ubuntu 23.10 that package comes with a big below-the-surface change. Ubuntu defaults to Wayland but the Firefox Snap currently […]

18 September 2023
The GNOME project logo with shapes around it

10 Best Features in GNOME 45

The latest GNOME 45 release is attracting a lot of praise — and for good reason. In this post I run-through the best new features GNOME 45 comes with. What follows is by no means […]

15 September 2023
the linux mint logo

LMDE 6 (Linux Mint Debian Edition) Beta is Available to Download

A beta version of LMDE 6 “Faye” is now available to download. The next major update in the LMDE series (LMDE stands for ‘Linux Mint Debian Edition’) is based on Debian 12 Bookworm, which offers […]

13 September 2023

Control Nanoleaf Lights on Linux Using a GNOME Extension

Do you own and use Nanoleaf lights and want to control them from your Linux desktop rather than a mobile app? If so, you’re in luck as there’s a plucky little GNOME extension that lets […]

9 September 2023

Brand New ‘App Center’ Lands in Ubuntu 23.10

Ubuntu’s new “App Center” app has arrived in Ubuntu 23.10 daily builds – no Snap channel commands required to test it out. The new front-end for installing Snap and Deb package is built using Flutter. […]

7 September 2023

Firefox for Linux Adds Rounded Bottom Corners

Mozilla Firefox is bringing rounded bottom corners to its Linux builds. Getting official support means you’ll no longer need to use a third-party GNOME extension to force rounded corners in the browser. The change will […]

6 September 2023

Ubuntu 23.10 Mascot Art, Default Wallpaper Revealed

The default wallpaper set to greet those installing Ubuntu 23.10 ‘Mantic Minotaur’ next month has been unveiled. Ubuntu 23.10’s default wallpaper and mascot artwork draws heavily on the motifs afforded to it by its mythological […]

6 September 2023

GNOME 45 Arrives in Daily Builds of Ubuntu 23.10

Good news for those looking forward to the upcoming GNOME 45 release – it’s arrived in the Ubuntu 23.10 daily builds! The next stable update to the world’s most-used Linux desktop environment isn’t due to […]

4 September 2023

Papirus Icon Pack Updated with New-Look LibreOffice Icons

A major update to the phenomenally popular Paprius icon set for Linux desktops is now available. Papirus’ September 2023 update adds a bunch of new and updated glyphs, including redesigned icons for LibreOffice that riff […]

3 September 2023

I Think Ubuntu 23.10 is Making a Mistake…

The next version of the world’s most popular desktop Linux operating system (that’s Ubuntu, for those playing dumb) comes with fewer apps available out-of-the-box. Daily builds of Ubuntu 23.10 now ship with just a super-slim […]

1 September 2023