The first formal release of Rhino Linux is available to download.

Rhino Linux is a rolling-release Linux distro based on Ubuntu. It is a community-based project and not an official Ubuntu flavour. I’m not sure if there’s any linage to the “Rolling Rhino” project ex-Ubuntu desktop manager Martin Wimpress created in 2020.

Following a series of successful beta builds (which passed me by, I confess) Rhino Linux 2023.1 is now available to download. This snapshot release is available for 64-bit Intel/AMD systems and ARM64, with specific builds provided for Pine64 and Raspberry Pi devices.

Rhino Linux desktop screenshot (credit: Rhino Linux)

There’s no “change log” of features specific to this first release that bloggers such as myself can digest and relay. But the project website lists a number of things that differentiate this distro from a traditional Ubuntu release:

  • Customised XFCE 4.18 desktop environment called “Unicorn
  • AUR-esque package manager called Pacstall
  • rhino-pkg meta-package combines apt, pacstall, flatpak, & snap 
  • Custom themed Calamares installer
  • Your System app

The version available to download at the time of writing ships with the Linux 6.4 kernel release.

Interested in taking Rhino Linux for a ride?

You can download Rhino Linux 2023.1 from the project website for Intel/AMD and ARM devices. If you run an earlier version (such as a beta build) you can upgrade to the latest set of packages from the command-line using either rpk or pacstall.

Do let me know what you think of Rhino Linux down in the comments. Is an Ubuntu-based rolling release distro something you’ve been dreaming of, or are you content with established distro titans in this area, such as Arch?

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