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Rolling Release Ubuntu Rhino

‘Rolling Rhino’ Turns Ubuntu into a Rolling Release

Ubuntu desktop lead Martin Wimpress has created a tool called Rolling Rhino. Its aim: convert an Ubuntu daily build image into a "rolling release" distro by opting into and tracking the devel series of changes/packages.

28 June 2020

Ubuntu 13.04 Still On Course for April Release?

Is The Decision To Ditch Ubuntu 13.04 Less Certain Than Before?

6 March 2013

Ubuntu To Discuss Move to Rolling Release At Next Weeks UDS

Canonical are opening a debate on whether or not Ubuntu should move away from its current release pattern in favour of a 'rolling release' model.

28 February 2013

Ubuntu Not Switching to Rolling Release Model

Ubuntu will not be switching to a 'Rolling Release' model anytime soon, despite recent reports to the contrary. But Ubuntu's Jono Bacon has revealed that pieces are being put into place' to allow such a decision to be made at a later date.

25 January 2013
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Ubuntu to become a rolling release distro?

The register are reporting that Mark Shuttleworth has hinted that the development cycle for Ubuntu releases could become a lot quicker than 6 months...

24 November 2010