I ain’t much of a modern gamer — as evidenced by the lack of hardcore gaming content on this blog!

But CodeWeavers sent over a press release to tell me about CrossOver 23, the latest update to their commercial version of Wine for Linux, ChromeOS & macOS (don’t read “commercial version of Wine” and be angry: CodeWeavers are major contributors to the Wine Project).

Naturally there’s some stuff in CrossOver 23 guaranteed to appeal to Linux gamers.

Most notable: CrossOver 23 supports the EA App on Linux and macOS.

Games said to be working through this include The Sims 4Titanfall 2 and Mass Effect Legendary Edition. Those using the EA App for Steam will need to install it in to their ‘bottle’ so that CrossTie installs required dependencies.

Titanfall 2 among games CrossOver 23 supports

Addressing a long-standing user want, the CrossOver GUI also lets you uninstall applications in this update. Users can go to Bottle Details, right-click on any app listed in Installed Software, and hit the Uninstall option. Bam, gone.

Things are exciting for macOS users too as CrossOver 23 includes support for DirectX 12 (via MoltenVK and VKD3D) plus initial support for geometry shaders and transform feedback. Games including Diablo IV, TEKKEN 7, Octopath Traveler, and Street Fighter V are said to be “running well” on macOS.

CrossOver 23 ships with Wine 8.0.1 and all of the 5000+ changes that release offers, plus “oodles of fixes”, that expands the range of games and desktop Windows applications able to run through the app and the Wine compatibility layer.

Want to learn more? Hit up the CrossOver website.

There you’ll find all the details you need to know about this tool, how it works, what it supports, and how it differs to the regular version of Wine available to install from most Linux distribution’s repositories.

A license for CrossOver 23 costs £60/$60 — use the code LEVELUP23 to save 23% until August 31, 2023 — but before you hit buy take advantage of the free 2-week trial. This lets you kick the tyres on the tool beforehand – y’know, to make sure it works with your setup and everything.

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