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Linux apps on a Chromebook

CodeWeavers Demo a Windows app Running on a Chromebook using Linux and Wine

As you may know Google is bringing Linux apps to Chromebooks — but did you realise that the feature could pave the way for Windows apps, too? Yup, we’re talking Wine, the Windows software compatibility that is […]

12 June 2018
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CrossOver 17 Lets You Run Microsoft Office 2016 on Linux

CrossOver 17 is now available. It brings support for Microsoft Office 2016 on Linux, WINE performance improvements, and a slate of bug fixes and features.

6 December 2017
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Crossover 16 for Linux Now Supports 64-bit Windows Apps

CrossOver 16 is based on Wine 2.0 code, supports 64-bit Windows applications, and features 'thousands of improvements' to Windows compatibility.

14 December 2016