A quick heads-up to any content computer users out there still using Ubuntu 22.10 — support for this release ends on July 20, 2023.

Those without a calendar to gawp at should know that this is less than a month way away at the time of writing.

But don’t panic (though I admit my headline doesn’t help in that regard).

You can upgrade to Ubuntu 23.04 in-place, without needing to reinstall from scratch. Barring the 25 mins or so the process takes, it’s a painless procedure (note: you may need to manually re-enable any PPAs or 3rd-party repos you make use of, but that’s true of any upgrade).

Support for Ubuntu 23.04 ‘Lunar Lobster’ ends in January of next year. This might be a little sooner than you want given, y’know, you’ve only just made the move on up to it.

Hate the hassle of upgrading regularly? Interim Ubuntu releases expire every 9 months so to avoid the churn consider using an Ubuntu Long Term Support release. Those puppies get 5 years of love and attention, plus a further 5 years of Expanded/Extended Support Maintenance.

Which is pretty nice.

Even so, there are plenty of compelling reasons to use Ubuntu 23.04 instead of an LTS.

You get GNOME 44 which is jam-packed with usability enhancements (including nifty new features in the Quick Settings menu). You also get to benefit from Linux 6.2, a notable kernel uplift that adds a ton of new hardware support, and a more recent set of graphics drivers — essential for gamers.

Still not convinced? Check out this video. It shows off all of Ubuntu 23.04’s best features. Hit the play button on the embed below to stream it right here, on this page or, if you’re reading from an RSS feed, click this link to watch it on YouTube:

Finally, if you’ve gotten this far and you’re still not convinced to do anything – my friend: have at it.

You can keep using Ubuntu 22.10 as long as you like. Official support ends on July 20 but the OS itself stop working until… Well, until.

Continue using 22.10 and all of its features as-is. Just keep in mind you will not get any critical security fixes, bug patches, or updated software from Canonical from July 20 onwards.

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