Pano is a visually-rich clipboard manager for GNOME Shell — and it just got a sizeable update.

We’re talking improved UI, new user-requested features, and a ton of additional configuration options. Oh yeah, and it supports GNOME 44 nice and early so you can upgrade to Ubuntu 23.04 this April without worrying about breakage – aah!

To recap for those unfamiliar with it, Pano is a clipboard manager for GNOME Shell that uses rich previews for copied content types (e.g., image, links, images, hex codes, text, etc). Content is stored in a horizontal pop-up bar placed the bottom of the screen that you open using a keyboard shortcut or a tray icon.

Pano lets you see content before you paste it (plus other details like image resolution, or file location etc). To copy something just click on it, or navigate to it using keyboard arrow keys and then tap the enter key. It’s simple to use, and easy to love, especially if you’re constantly copy/pasting media content rather than text.

Pano – a pretty clipboard manager

Well, now a new update to Pano is rolling out through the GNOME Extensions website. This features a number of visual changes including redesigned tray icons and placeholder images; uses system fonts; and now uses icons from the GNOME icon set to denote content type.

It’s now possible to customise the height of Pano; change the background colour; change the background opacity; and go to town tweaking the appearance of each content type, right down to preview font size, header background, and header text color.

screenshot of Pano settings
Pano’s copious settings

Often copying URLs? Pano now lets you decide if clicking on a link in the clipboard copies the URL to the clipboard ready for pasting or, as some users have asked, opens a link in your system’s default web browser (saving you needing to paste it in the URL bar and do the rest).

If you often find yourself copy/pasting the same thing you can ‘favourite’ an item to keep it accessible in the clipboard, even when history is cleared/expires. Also saving you time, you now can hit tab when Pano is open to cycle through clipboard contents by content type, e.g., all web links, all text, all images, etc — nifty.

Other changes:

  • Copy items using ctrl + 19 when Pano open
  • Enable content-aware notifications on copy
  • Support for emoji clipboard content

In all, a welcome buff to almost every area of this engaging clipboard manager.

You can install Pano from GNOME Extensions website or by searching for “pano” in the Extensions Manager app. To use Pano on Ubuntu you must install gir1.2-gda-5.0 and gir1.2-gsound-1.0 first (if installing them after installing the extension, log out and back in).

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