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‘Clipboard History’ is Searchable Clipboard Extension for GNOME Desktops

Clipboard managers are handy, and there are plenty to choose from. A new contender is the performance-minded 'Clipboard History' GNOME extension.

25 February 2022
GNOME clipboard manager extension

A Simple, Straightforward Clipboard Manager for GNOME

Clipboard Manager extension for Gnome Shell is a no-frills clipboard manager for GNOME. It adds an indicator menu to the top panel and caches your clipboard history. There’s nothing extra; no regex searching, or cross-device, multi-sync or […]

29 April 2017

Indicator Bulletin is a Searchable Clipboard Manager for Ubuntu

Clipboard managers are ten a penny on Linux, and you likely have your favourites. But if you’ve been looking for a searchable clipboard manager, check out Indicator Bulletin. Indicator Bulletin is a simple clipboard manager written in Python […]

13 March 2017

Quickly Paste Frequently Used Text With This Indicator Applet

Are there chunks of text you regularly use? ASCII artwork you often send? Long terminal commands you traditionally type out in full?

3 October 2016

Save, Access And Quickly Paste Text Snippets With This Nifty Unity Launcher Tool

Repeatedly typing out certain information - like verbose terminal commands - can be a chore. Thankfully there are tools out there to help.

31 October 2013
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Docky ‘Clippy’ Docklet makes my life easier.

A new docklet for Docky aims to make clipboard history management a breeze.

28 December 2010

Pastie – handy clipboard manager indicator applet

Pastie is a small clipboard manager that uses an indicator-applet to display and give access to you clipboard history.

24 October 2010
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Glippy – Simple Clipboard Manager with Image Support

Glippy is a self-confessed ‘simple clipboard manager for Ubuntu’ that provides clipboard support for history, images, text and more. Clip-board managers are useful tools for users who copy-and-paste frequently or wish to copy something but […]

24 June 2010