When it comes to sticky note apps for Linux it’s fair to say we’re spoilt for choice – heck knows I’ve tried most of the ones out there!

EverSticky is another open-source sticky notes app for Linux but it has a major difference: it syncs to Evernote, the hugely-popular note taking and task management service. Existing Evernote users will find this a compelling USP as, with minimal effort, it’s easy to take notes and keep them in sync across multiple devices.

Two sticky notes on the Ubuntu desktop

EverSticky is a Qt-based app created by developer Joey Miller. But it’s fully compatible with most modern Linux desktops including GNOME Shell (where I tried it), KDE Plasma, Xfce, Cinnamon – basically, any DE that supports app indicators (as it relies heavily on a tray icon).

You can great as many notes as you want EverSticky. Each note is the same Post-It yellow colour (ergo no colour choices, sadly) and supports rich formatting options including bold, italic, underline, strikethrough, as well as checkboxes, and bulleted or numbered lists. Formatting options are only available via keyboard shortcuts; there’s no in-app rich format toolbar or anything, which some may find a negative.

Options in the EverSticky sticky notes app on the Ubuntu desktop
Menu access to note features

Additionally, while fonts within notes can vary in sizes, font, colour, and alignment they can’t, similar to the above limitation, be styled this way inside of a note. However, notes will display those changes when created or edited within an app that supports them.

To delete an open note you just click the ‘x’ icon. There’s no way to “hide” notes without quitting the app entirely. Every note shows a visible scrollbar regardless of note length. Finally, you can’t add images to notes and images added to a note via other apps won’t display in the note.

You can choose the Evernote sync interval, and a ‘force sync’ option is available via the app’s tray icon. Talking the tray icon you can switch between a light/dark mode tray icon via EverSticky’s settings dialog.

Download EverSticky

EverSticky supports Ubuntu 20.04 and above. EverSticky is available on the Snap Store for easy installation on Ubuntu. The Snap package of EverSticky did fail to open for me on a Wayland session, so I used the .deb.

Not into Snaps? You can download a .deb installer from the project GitHub page (though keep in mind it won’t auto-update). On Arch or an Arch-based distro? EverySticky is in the AUR for faff-free fetching.


Is EverSticky worth installing? If you’re a heavy Evernote user, then absolutely. There’s nothing else in this form, for that service. If you don’t care about cloud sync then you can install Linux Mint’s sticky notes app on Ubuntu.

As this is an open source app it’s possible that more options, features, etc will be added in a future update so if you spot an update to this app before I do, let me know and I’ll be sure to update this post.

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