papirus icons on ubuntu 20.04

A swathe of new glyphs have been added to the hugely popular Papirus icon set, enhancing its phenomenally broad coverage even further.

We already consider the Papirus icon pack to be one of the best icon themes for Ubuntu (regardless of which flavour you use) and with this update the popularity of it is only certain to continue.

So what have designers delivered in this, their first update to the set this year? A total of 45 new icons, including symbols for Linux Mint’s sticky notes tool, GTK4 Reddit client Headlines, Overwatch (when installed through Lutris), and the promising new GTK image viewer ImageRoll (which we’ll be talking about more shortly).

The changes don’t stop there, though.

A number of Papirus’ existing icons get a refresh in this update, including Spotify (which now has dark sound waves rather than light ones); GNOME’s Calls and Password Safe tools; and nifty plain text comparison app Diffuse.

For more details on Papirus icon set (or to file a request for an icon it doesn’t yet have) do check out the official project page on GitHub. There you will find source code and downloads allowing you to install the pack on your preferred distro by hand.

For an easier way to enjoy the set on your desktop see our guide on how to install Papirus icons on Ubuntu from the official Papirus PPA — which you’ll be pleased to hear carries the latest update!

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