Canonical is working on a new firmware update tool for the Ubuntu desktop.

This new GUI utility is being built using Flutter and Dart, further cementing Ubuntu’s commitment to go all in on Flutter for future desktop apps. The tool will be distributed as a Snap and provide a Ubuntu-style front-end to the fwupd tool and the Linux Vendor Firmware Service

A clear-cut way to check for, manage, and install firmware updates is perhaps needed.

It used to be possible through Ubuntu Software (before it was a Snap; it may still be possible too). However, on my Ubuntu 21.10 install Ubuntu Software shows no firmware updates available. But when I run the standalone firmware tool for GNOME desktops available from Flathub I do see available firmware updates (albeit without a way to install them):

a screenshot of gnome firmware on ubuntu showing available update
Firmware updates on Ubuntu

If firmware functionality is going to be catered for on Ubuntu with a standalone app, presumably the firmware updating capabilities elsewhere will be removed (assuming they haven’t already) to avoid confusion like this.

Work on the suitably-titled Firmware Updater tool began back in August. While there are no mockups or screenshots I can share — I’ve no idea how to build Flutter apps from scratch, either — but I’m excited by its existence all the same.

The code for the Firmware Updater tool is up on GitHub if you want to check it out.

firmware flutter Ubuntu 22.04 LTS