This Thursday Ubuntu 21.04 ‘Hirsute Hippo’ heads into release down — and to hype up its imminent arrival we’ve handcrafted a short video detailing all of the biggest changes!

Six months of development have gone into curating Ubuntu 21.04 and the release is backed by 9 months of security and core app updates.

Despite the hirsute moniker there’s nothing hair-raising in this release, save perhaps for the switch to Wayland

Ubuntu 21.04 isn’t a game-changing release. Despite the hirsute moniker there’s little nothing hair-raising included, perhaps save for the switch to Wayland — but even that isn’t as prickly as it used to be!

But it’s not a release totally devoid of value. Ubuntu 21.04 features a striking new dark theme and makes a raft of smaller UI tweaks that add up to an impressive, polished whole. There are also new installer features, a new desktop icons experience, and (of course) a new wallpaper.

For those using Ubuntu 20.10 at present then this release, as you’ll see, is a no-brainer upgrade. It’s newer, it’s better, it’s supported for longer. It’s also the official upgrade route to Ubuntu 21.10, ahead of Ubuntu 22.04 LTS next year.

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Big shout out to Joe Ressington for helping with the audio mix!
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