Ubuntu 21.04 has been released, and is available to download from the Ubuntu website.

This version of Ubuntu — the 34th release since 2006, fact fans — is a short-term release that comes with 9 months of security updates, critical fixes, and select software updates.

Users can download and install Ubuntu 21.04 directly, or upgrade to Ubuntu 21.04 from 20.10. Users of this release will be able to upgrade to Ubuntu 21.10 later this year.

Regular readers of this site will be pretty familiar with Ubuntu 21.04’s biggest changes by now, as we’ve covered them over the past 6 months. But you can read on for a concise overview of what’s new.

Alternatively, you can skip straight to the download if you want to grab a copy to try for yourself!

Ubuntu 21.04 ‘Hirsute Hippo’

Ubuntu 21.04 features the Linux 5.11 kernel, the latest GNOME 3.38 point release, better integration with Microsoft’s Active Directory, and recovery key support for encrypted installs.

This release comes with GNOME 3.38.5, and is powered by the Linux 5.11 kernel

There’s also a roster of updated apps, tools, and libraries, an improved dark theme, and the Wayland display server is now the default session on all hardware that supports it.

  • Wayland by default
  • Pipewire
  • Private home directory
  • Recovery key for encrypted installs
  • Ability to select a Power Mode in Settings > Power
  • Improved Active Directory integration
  • Refreshed dark theme
  • New desktop icons extension
  • Linux 5.11 kernel
  • Python 3.9

Speaking about the release, Mark Shuttleworth, CEO of Canonical, says:

“Native Active Directory integration and certified Microsoft SQL Server on Ubuntu are top priorities for our enterprise customers. For developers and innovators, Ubuntu 21.04 delivers Wayland and Flutter for smoother graphics and clean, beautiful, design-led cross platform development.”

We recently published a video looking at many of these changes:

Where to Download Ubuntu 21.04

You can download Ubuntu 21.04 from the official Ubuntu website using this link:

Download Ubuntu 21.04 (64-bit .iso)

Download Ubuntu 21.04 (.torrent)

As the image is 2.82 GB in size make sure you’re on a decent connection (and not a mobile tether) before hitting the download button.

When the download completes you need write the .iso image to a USB stick. Use an open source tool like Etcher to do this. Then, pop the USB in an empty port on the computer you want to install Ubuntu and turn it on, choosing to boot from the USB.

Ubuntu 21.04 Upgrade

Running Ubuntu 20.10? You will be able to upgrade to Ubuntu 21.04 directly in the coming days. This is much easier than starting over with a new install as it keeps all of your files, apps, and app settings in tact — so keep an eye out for the notification!

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