It’s time to meet Ubuntu 21.04‘s default wallpaper!

Yes, we’re already at that point of the Ubuntu release cycle. The design bods at Ubuntu were handed the honourable task of coming with a hypnotic new background that holds firm to Ubuntu’s history of shipping a new desktop hoarding in each new release.

And here, in all its compressed JPEG glory is Ubuntu’s headstrong new mascot: the Hirsute Hippo:

New Ubuntu 21.04 wallpaper

Isn’t it a hunk? 😍

Follow a fabulously Focal Fossa and genuinely Groovy Gorilla I was slightly hesitant that an image depicting such a humorously named release would be feasible. But I needn’t have worried. The hefty horizontal hero created is harmoniously in-keeping with Ubuntu’s recent mascot designs.

And it has hair! It is literally hirsute!

The hippo’s backdrop bears an orange to aubergine gradient and broadly symmetrical angular… things (I don’t know what the correct term is for the faint lines that intersect over the gradient). I say ‘broadly’ because when you take ruler to the image you find that the left and right do have some minor alignment differences.

Greyscale variant

Per tradition a greyscale version of the new Hirsute wallpaper and a plain hippo-free variant are available too. These will be available in the supplementary wallpaper set which accompany the Ubuntu 21.04 release.

Like it? Love it? Think it looks a bit rude? 🤭 Let me know below!
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