Better late than never: Mozilla VPN is now available on Linux.

Windows, Android, and iOS users have been able to use this subscription-based privacy service since its launch in July 2020. Linux and Mac users however weren’t catered for at the time.

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But that has now changed.

Mozilla VPN is publicly available to users of all operating systems, including Linux and macOS devices in six countries (including the US and the UK). A subscription to the service costs $4.99/m and can be used on up to five different devices, including phones, tablets, and regular desktop PCs and laptops.

While Mozilla VPN isn’t the cheapest VPN service available to Linux users Mozilla claim it is one of the fastest. More than 280 servers are available in over 30 countries, and no bandwidth restrictions apply.

Mozilla VPN uses WireGuard to encrypt network activity and hide IP addresses, Mozilla says no network activity is logged on its servers.

To learn more (or to sign up for the service) head over to the Mozilla VPN website:

Open Mozilla VPN Website

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