A new version of the Geary email client is now available to download.

Geary 3.38.0 is a major new release that carries a crop of new features, makes some welcome bug fixes, and boost overall server compatibility.

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The headline feature? That’ll be the addition of plugin support. New Geary plugins allow users to add additional functionality to the client. A handful of plugins are included in this release:

  • Play sound on email sent
  • Creating mail templates
  • Mail merge with .csv files

Users can enable (or later disable) these extensions in the app through the new Geary > Preferences > Plugins panel.

Developers who want to make their own Geary plugins can do so using Vala, and propose them for inclusion in the app. Future versions of the app will improve plugin support by adding Python support and allowing users and developers to “install” plugins through the Home directory.

Geary 3.38.0 is also smarter at downloading and deleting messages on a per-account basis; the app shows contact photos stored in the GNOME Contacts app in email notifications (where applicable); and renames the “Spam” folder to “Junk’.

Geary 3.38 changes in summary:

  • Plugins support
  • Reduce number of ‘error’ report info bars
  • Desktop mail notifications now show contact photos
  • Improved ordering of folders
  • ‘Spam’ folder renamed to ‘Junk’
  • Better server compatibility

Get Geary 3.38

You can download and install Geary 3.38.x on Ubuntu and other Linux distributions from Flathub. Flathub is the recommended way to install Geary and ensures you always have the most recent version.

View Geary on Flathub

Geary 3.38 will also be available to install in Ubuntu 20.10 this October direct from the Ubuntu archives, no Flatpak app required.

For more details on the app, to report issues, or download source code check out the Geary Gitlab page.

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