Ubuntu Kylin 20.04: App Menu

The revamped UKUI 3.0 desktop offered up in Ubuntu Kylin 20.04 is now even better.

More than 418 updates, tweaks, and other improvements have been made to the uniquely styled desktop environment and distro since the release of Ubuntu Kylin 20.04 back in April.

And as with the Ubuntu 20.04 point release Ubuntu Kylin’s refreshed installer image comes with all of those enhancements wrapped up, ready to go, out of the box — no lengthy post-install upgrades required.

The team says it “…carried out comprehensive security upgrade, bug repair and stability improvement, including optimizing 4K support, improving 3D display performance by 46%, fixing usn-4432-1 (grub 2 bug), and continuing to update the app store.”

Call me easily pleased by 46 percent? That’s pretty huge.

Highlighted changes include the introduction of adaptive transparency in the Start Menu; file task progress animations and common keyboard shortcuts in the Peony file manager; taskbar refinements (i.e. fewer flaws); plus 4K support throughout the entire desktop and its associated apps.

A crop of updated software is available including new version of WPS Office and VSCode, and the Qi’anxin web browser has been addd to the Kylin App Store.

Although Ubuntu Kylin is geared towards users who speak Chinese (and who use many Chinese-specific web services) it can be used in English (and other languages too). The UKUI desktop is also totally free, open source software, and is available to install direct from Ubuntu’s repos atop other flavours.

You can download Ubuntu Kylin 20.04.1 LTS for 64-bit PCs, as well as for Raspberry Pi.

Thanks Limy

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