Adwaita day wallpaper

Here’s your first look at GNOME 3.38’s new default wallpaper — plus a link to download the design to use on your own desktop ahead of the stable GNOME 3.38 release in September.

As always, don’t expect too much of a deviation on what’s gone before. What’s that saying again? Ah yes, “if it ain’t broke, don’t fix it”.

Jakub Steiner’s GNOME 3.38 wallpaper sits in vogue with previous background designs. It is still predominately blue, it still features a variety of geometric shapes, and still makes heavy use fractal lighting for texture and effect.

As with the GNOME 3.36 wallpaper (and earlier) there are 3 variations of the main background: morning, day, and night. You can use each of these on their own, or use them as part of a dynamic wallpaper slideshow that subtly transitions between then over the course of the day:

Adwaita day wallpaper
Adwaita Day
Adwaita Morning
Adwaita night wallpaper
Adwaita Night

The new ‘Adwaita’ wallpaper you see above (which might not show up if you’re reading from a scraper site or feed parser) could still change before the final GNOME 3.38 release lands in the autumn.

And remember: if you really don’t like the look of the new wallpapers you’re not stuck with them; it’s super easy to change wallpaper in GNOME Shell, and most Linux distros ship their own default backgrounds.

Note: the design of the wallpaper changed a month after this article was written. If you’re interested in how the drape looked when this article was initially published you can view the earlier design on Gitlab.

You can download the new Adwaita Day wallpaper in 8K (8192 x 3456) resolution straight from the GNOME artwork Gitlab using the button below:

GNOME 3.38 Adwaita Day Wallpaper

Morning and Night versions are also available, again in 8K (8192 x 3456) resolution.

Alternatively, if you’re patient, kist wait until GNOME 3.38 is released and enjoy the new backgrounds then (though keep in mind that the Adwaita images aren’t used as default in most Linux distributions, including Fedora and Ubuntu).

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