gnome 3.36 default wallpaper

Have you seen the default background for the upcoming GNOME 3.36 release yet? If not, glance above!

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GNOME 3.36: This is What’s New

Admittedly the new GNOME 3.36 wallpaper is not exactly a break with tradition: it’s once again predominately blue, and once again features a variety of geometric shapes, fractal lighting, and abstract arrangement.

But the steel blue used in the new Adwaita background has a much colder vibe than the purple and pink hues mixed in with the GNOME 3.34 wallpaper.

GNOME’s Jakub Steiner is the hands behind the latest creation which, as always, is provided in three flavoured variants.

The blue one you see above is the default wallpaper (the ‘day’ image) but there’s a morning version (very pink) and a (deeply dark) night version too.

You should be able to view all three variants (which can be set to change during the course of the day) in the gallery below:

Now, as always, bear in mind that the wallpapers you see embedded in this post are resized and compressed (because hey: I don’t want to go over my bandwidth quota for the month).

So if you want to use these as your desktop wallpaper in all their pixel-popping glory be sure to snag the full-resolution versions, which you can download from Gitlab directly (they’re nigh-on 8K and 10MB in size).

Alternatively, wait until GNOME 3.36 is released and use it then!

Download Wallpaper gnome 3.36