A new version of Entangle is available to download and it bundles together a small set of changes.

Entangle, for those not familiar with is, free, open source software for tethered shooting on Ubuntu (and other Linux distros, obviously). The app lets you control a fleet of popular DSLR cameras including Canon and Nikon models, from the the desktop, over USB.

Entangle 3.0 pulls a few existing features into sharper focus while also adding a couple of new ones. For instance, you can now flip image in preview (handy for selfies); see remaining shot count & ETA in the repeat shooter plugin; and set up a countdown timer when using the photobox plugin.

Other changes include:

  • Ensure picture directory is an absolute path
  • Add ability to render text mesages over image
  • Add context menu option for opening popup image window
  • Drop drag support for opening popup image window
  • Display greeting when opening popup image window

On their own these changes might not sound like much but do remember they are in addition to the existing feature set which, camera make and model depending, is already pretty extensive: e.g., control shutter, adjust f-stop, white balance, ISO, etc.

Keen to try the new release?

Head over to the entangle-photo.org website for source code downloads and further information on the app in general.

Entangle 3.0 is available to install on most modern Linux distributions (including Ubuntu) as a Flatpak app distributed through the Flathub store:

View Entangle on Flathub

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