VLC 3.0.9 on Ubuntu

It looks like a new version of the VLC media player is available to download.

VLC 3.0.10 is the first major release of the open source multimedia app this year, following on from VLC 3.0.8 which popped out in December.

But four months is a long time in tech so, as you’d expect, the latest release is packing an sizeable set of improvements and enhancements.

This includes libsmb2 support to handle SMB2/3 shares, allowing you to easily stream content from local Samba shares, plus better handling of MP4 and RAW H264/HEVC files. Additionally, VLC can now more consistently seek on the HTTP Live Streaming (HLS) protocol.

If you use VLC as your go-to DVD player (like I do) then you will appreciate the inclusion of some DVD related fixes, mainly related around DVD reading crashes and menu navigation glitches.

Other changes between VLC 3.0.8 and 3.0.10 include improved Chromecast audio quality, working YouTube URL playback, and a bunch of security fixes.

You can refer to the VLC NEWS file for a more comprehensive change log.

To download VLC 3.0.10 for Windows, macOS and Linux just head over to the the official Videolan website.

If you’re on Ubuntu 20.04 LTS then VLC 3.0.9 (available in the repo) does includes the bulk of the changes mentioned here, including the improved Samba share support and DVD playback fixes. You can install this version from Ubuntu Software:

Install VLC from Ubuntu Software

Alternatively, you can install a VLC Snap app from the Snapcraft store on Ubuntu 18.04 LTS and above:

VLC on the Snap Store

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