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We’ve shown you how to change folder colour on Ubuntu before using a terrific open source tool called ‘Folder Color‘ (sic).

But if you have been patiently hoping that the app would get an update to work with Ubuntu 20.04 LTS and its spiffy-new Yaru icon theme I have some good news: it has!

The less good news is that you will need install a small compatibility package to get the tool to play nicely Ubuntu 20.04 LTS (if you’re on Ubuntu 18.04 LTS the app will “just work” on its own).

But once the Yaru add-on is installed you get the same easy right-click access to a magic folder colour changing menu:

Change Folder Colour on Ubuntu 20.04
All the colours …Well, 8

The Yaru compatibility package isn’t available to install from Ubuntu Software like the tool itself, but it is available to install from a dedicated PPA that maintained by the tool’s original author.

To add the PPA run :

sudo add-apt-repository ppa:costales/yaru-colors-folder-color

Next, run this command to install both the underlying Folder Color app and the Yaru compatibility bolt-on in 20.04 or 20.10:

sudo apt install folder-color yaru-colors-folder-color

Finally, to get the tool to work you need to restart the file manager. How? You can either log out of your current session and log back or (the ‘far less effort’ approach) press alt + f2 to open the command box and run the command: nautilus -q.

Once done you can right-click on any folder icon to change its colour from the pre-set list; add an emblem; and reset a directory back to its default grey folder.

If you fancy a more dramatic change do check out our pick of the best icon themes for Ubuntu.

Simple, dimple!

h/t @costalesdev

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