If you took one look at the new Ubuntu 20.04 wallpaper and thought to yourself: “Heh, I could do better!” — here’s your chance to prove it!

Source files for the new wallpaper, including a pair of suitably versatile .svg mascot artwork files, are now available to download thanks to Ubuntu desktop lead Martin Wimpress.

The artwork drop gives FOSS-loving creatives the chance to ‘remix’ the Focal Fossa wallpaper into something that’s bold, distinctive and different, or simply a subtle riff on the original.

And, for those who wanted it, there’s a fossa-free version of the new background, giving you a plain canvas on which to work/stare:

Download Ubuntu Fossa Artwork (29MB)

Whether you want to fix the Fossa’s focal-lines, move its position, change the background gradient, add a different point of focus, futz around for a flavour-specific feel… Whatever you’re itching to do, you can!

Perfect excuse to kick the tyres on the recent GIMP 2.10.18 release, no?

Feel free to post your cool custom compositions in the Discourse thread linked above, as well in the omg! comments section below, on Instagram, or on Twitter (just be sure to @omgubuntu so we can see it).

Remix, redistribute, rock-on!

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