If you’re a fan of the Arc GTK theme — and there’s a good chance you are as its incredibly popular — you may be concerned to hear that the skin is no-longer in active development.

Indeed, the reader who got in touch with me to point out the theme’s recent code ‘archiving’ tells me there are a couple of major issues affecting the Arc GTK theme when used with the recently released GNOME 3.36, particularly with regards to the message tray/calendar.

But with no active maintainer to work on smoothing out these (and other kinks) could the popularity of this much-loved theme be at risk?

Possible, but it’s not on its own of course.

As we recently reported, the popular Adapta theme is currently shorn of ongoing development. And that’s despite the theme being forked by Google for use in Chrome OS (where it’s used by Linux apps that run in the system’s Linux container tech).

the arc darker gtk theme
The Arc Darker variant

Arc is famed for its translucent window borders and minimally clean aesthetic. It is also one of the first themes I can recall being made available in light, dark, and mixed variants.

An update to the Arc theme Github readme explains the situation further:

“This project needs new maintainers to continue. The current maintainers do not have the bandwidth to continue. As such this project has now been put into archive readonly mode.”

If you or anyone you know is in a position to help out do get in touch with the theme makers via Github. Not only will you make me, a long-time Arc user happy, but a legion of other translucency-loving Linux users too!

Thanks Simon

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