If you plan to buy a PinePhone in the near future you might be wondering whether a snug fitting case will be made available for it, y’know for protection against scuffs n’ stuff.

Well, I’ve got some positive news!

Pine64 were at the FOSDEM event this past weekend (February 1-2) and, amongst their growing crop of hardware, Pine64 boards, PineBook laptops, and PineTime dev kits, etc, were hard and soft shell cases for the PinePhone!

They were even in professional looking packaging, too!

Awesomely (if you were there; frustratingly if you weren’t) Pine64 were giving these PinePhone cases away to Brave Heart edition owners who were there, in person, at the event with their phone (or presumably an order number, as the phone has only just begun shipping).

But what about those who, like me, didn’t attend FOSSDEM 2020? Will we be able to buy a fitted PinePhone case online at some point soon?!

Pine64 tell me yes:

Cutting edge journalism like this is hard work folks. It is simply not easy. Developing the kind of contacts and sources I need to get scoops like this is …Well, it’s nothing short of a talent if I’m going to be all modest about it 💅.

Jokes aside, as trivial as a case might be I am genuinely pretty pleased to get confirmation that the options will be available. While I don’t imagine the PinePhone will be gnarly enough to be my daily driver just yet, I do want to keep my handset in good condition — and a hardshell case is a must to do that.

These cases are designed to fit the PinePhone exactly, with appropriate cut outs for the rear camera and speaker.

Pine64 has decided not to put its logo on the case. This ins’t a big surprise as they were reluctant to put their logo on the phone at all (but it’s there between the camera and flash). Personally, I reckon a Pine-branded case would sell well. I, like many, actually WANT to rep the brand!

My only other hope is that a wide range of case colours are produced at some point. Black is requisite, and transparent is a must — but an Ubuntu orange or aubergine PinePhone case would be so frickin’ rad, don’t you think?

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