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The second batch of Pinebook Pro pre-orders went live this week, just as buyers of the first wave begun to receive their devices!

And, naturally, as you’d expect, in true millennial tech ownership style, a swathe of Pinebook Pro unboxing videos started to sprout out of the web’s fertile mantle.

Including the following comprehensive run-through by YouTuber jpakkane1 (a link to which landed in the omg! tip box yesterday, so thanks Sadat!).

This 10 minute clip has everything you could possibly want to see: a literal unboxing; first boot experience; side-by-side comparison with (unfair klaxon sound) a 13.1″ MacBook (!); and connection to an external display.

AND should you make it all the way to the end there’s even some disassembly pr0n (if you’re into that sort of thing ofc 😉).

YouTube isn’t the only outlet Pinebook Pro owners are using to share their first impressions. There’s a dedicated thread on the Pine64 forums; Twitter is awash with feedback (and the odd raised eyebrow); and owners are sharing photos over on Facebook (it still exists, I checked).

Buyers seem majorly impressed by the build quality of the Pinebook Pro and its magnesium alloy body

Overall, people seem majorly impressed by the magnesium alloy casing and build quality given the low price point of the Pinebook Pro (it’s a mere $199 after all).

Things are a little less rounded software wise, but I’d expect as much given that desktop Linux on ARM hardware (regardless of OS) remains very much a “work in progress” — but hey: software CAN be improved.

The Pinebook Pro sounds like it’s an eminently usable (i.e. fast enough) Linux laptop that, in many instances, could replace a Chromebook (there’s even a build of ChromiumOS for it) or iPad for couch-based web surfing.

If you’ve been mulling a purchase, perhaps some of this collective feedback will help you make up your mind!

Thanks Sadat

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