A new version of HandBrake, the free open source media convertor utility, has been released.

HandBrake is a powerful tool you can use to convert one video format in to another, with broad support for modern and widely used video codecs.

HandBrake 1.3.0 includes a crop of improvements to its video transcoding features, including new presets, and intros support for AMD VCE encoding on sported hardware).

  • Redesigned queue UI
  • New Playstation 2160p60 4K Surround preset
  • New Discord and Discord Nitro presets
  • Improved Gmail preset
  • Ultra HD Blu-ray discs reading (without copy protection)
  • WebM container encoding support
  • Important external SSA/ASS subtitles
  • Improved Nvidia NVENC encoding
  • AMD VCE encoding support on Linux (via Vulkan)
  • Intel QSV low power encoding support (lowpower=1)
  • Added Intel QSV support to Flatpak

Naturally that’s not all; a multitude of miscellaneous fixes, tweaks, and general improvements are also included within this update.

Mac users should note that HandBrake 1.3.0 requires OS X 10.11 El Capitan or later, and that the app is now sandboxed and uses the macOS hardened runtime.

On Windows 10 HandBrake picks up dark theme support, a raft of new preferences, and an improved preferences panel for them to sit in.

Download HandBrake 1.3.0

HandBrake media convertor is free, open source software. It’s available to download and install on Windows and macOS, as well as on Linux distributions like Ubuntu:

Download HandBrake Media Convertor

If you run Ubuntu 19.10 you can install HandBrake 1.3.0 (or upgrade to Handbreak 1.3.0) using the official HandBrake PPA. To add the HandBrake PPA to your software sources run this command in a new terminal window:

sudo add-apt-repository ppa:stebbins/handbrake-releases

Then run this command to install (or upgrade) HandBrake:

sudo apt install handbrake-gtk

If you run Ubuntu 18.04 LTS you can not use the HandBrake PPA above to upgrade or install the app. However, you can use the official Flatpak build available via Flathub:

HandBrake on Flathub

See our guide on how to install Flatpak on Ubuntu for full step-by-step instructions on how to install and enable Flathub on Ubuntu.

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