New versions of Ubuntu MATE, Xubuntu, Ubuntu Budgie, Kubuntu and other official Ubuntu spins are now available to download.

Ubuntu’s family of flavours issue their latest iterations alongside today’s main attraction, the release of Ubuntu 19.10.

And, like regular Ubuntu, all of the flavours mentioned in this post are supported with critical bug fixes, security patches and app updates for 9 months.

So keep reading for a quick look at what’s new and notable in each release, plus the download links you need should you want to grab a freshly spun ISO and go hands on for yourself!

Ubuntu 19.10 Official Flavours

Ubuntu MATE 19.10

If any flavour knows how to deliver, it’s Ubuntu MATE. Always sporting a sizeable change log — I do wonder how there’s anything left to improve! — Ubuntu MATE 19.10 features a wealth of changes, including:

  • Mate desktop 1.22.2
  • Evolution email client replaces Thunderbird
  • GNOME MPV replaces VLC
  • Updated Brisk menu with various new layouts

There’s also a new ‘notification centre’ applet (complete with ‘do not disturb’ mode) to help ensure you never miss an alert, plus a new screen magnifier, assorted theme tweaks, and improvements to the Marco compositor.

Does all of that sound good to you? If so, grab an ISO and go explore:

Download Ubuntu MATE 19.10 (64-bit .iso)

Note: there are separate builds of Ubuntu MATE 19.10 tailored to small form-factor PCs including the GPD MicroPC, GPD Pocket 2 and TopJoy Falcon.

Xubuntu 19.10

Image credit: @bluesabredavis

As expected, Xubuntu 19.10 comes toting the recent (and well received) Xfce 4.14 release. This uplift helps give the flavour a little extra oomph throughout its core.

  • Xfce 4.14
  • Xfcewm improvements, including Vsync, HiDPI support
  • Xfce Screensaver replaces Light Locker
  • Two new keyboard shortcuts:
    • ctrl + d – show/hide desktop
    • ctrl + l – locks screen
  • New wallpaper

If all of that doesn’t sound as exciting as other releases on this page well …That’s kinda the point! Xubuntu’s core appeal is that it offers a functional, yet reliable, user experience.

The lightest on this list, the Ubuntu 19.10 ISO is a relatively svelte 1.65GB:

Download Xubuntu 19.10 (64-bit .iso)

Ubuntu Budgie 19.10

Ubuntu Budgie 19.10 feathers its nest with some welcome, if iterative, changes. These include an improved alt + tab switcher, a clutch of new wallpapers, and several other enhancements:

  • Budgie desktop 10.5
  • Nemo file manager v4
  • New options in Budgie desktop settings
  • New accessibility options 

All of the core benefits of Ubuntu 19.10 are present here too, including Linux 5.3, NVIDIA drivers on the ISO, experimental ZFS install support, etc.

Download Ubuntu Budgie 19.10 (64-bit .iso)

Kubuntu 19.10

Kubuntu 19.10 ships with the KDE Plasma 5.16 desktop and associated technologies (the most recent Plasma release, KDE Plasma 5.17, is available via the back ports PPA).

  • KDE Applications 19.04.3
  • Qt 5.12.4
  • Latte dock available in the archive
  • KDE4 support removed

I’m really keen to explore KDE Plasma and Kubuntu 19.10 — should autocorrect ever let me type it without changing it back to ‘Ubuntu’ — looks like a pretty good place for me to start.

Download Kubuntu 19.10 (64-bit .iso)

Ubuntu Studio 19.10

Ahh, Ubuntu Studio. The creative workshop of Linux distributions, this. Ubuntu Studio 19.10 has the following changes (amongst others):

  • Xfce 4.14 desktop
  • OBS Studio included by default
  • Ubuntu Studio Controls 1.11.3
  • Updated apps, including Kdenlive, Audacity, et al

Ubuntu Studio ships with a lot of awesome open source software by default. As a result it’s the “fattest” of all Ubuntu flavours, with its live image weighing in at a whipping 3.2GB!

Download Ubuntu Studio 19.10 (64-bit .iso)

Which Ubuntu spin is your flavourite? Let me know below!