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It’s been a few months since we last ran poll and Ubuntu 19.10 switching to a light theme feels like a topic worth probing.

So behold: a poll!

There’s no denying that the new light Yaru theme lessens Ubuntu’s identity somewhat

As mentioned in yesterday’s new report, Ubuntu’s community design team have elected to change the look of Ubuntu. The dark header bars used in the “current” Yaru GTK theme (Ubuntu 19.04) have been replaced by lighter, greyer (though apparently bluer) ones.

The new lighter header bars are said be in keeping with the upstream Adwaita GTK theme (on which Yaru is based). Additionally, the lighter look is said to resolve and address a number of usability issues resulting from the “mixed” theme set-up.

But are you a fan of the change?

As changes go a header bar colour swap isn’t the most egregious one — as anyone who can remember the time Ubuntu moved window controls to the left can appreciate — but there’s no denying that the new light Yaru theme lessens Ubuntu’s identity a little.

Those dark header bars, inspired by the Unity 8 desktop, had a charm.

Also: the orange accent look crazily out of place now 💁🏻‍♂️

Anyway, below is a poll. It has three options. I’d love you to pick the one that matches most closely with what you think about this change, and hit the ‘vote’ button to lodge it.

Note: the poll uses a cookie to stop repeat voting. Depending on your browser’s settings, you might not be able to see the poll or participate without amending your cookie settings.

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