Ubuntu has since changed its mind and says it will continue to package select 32-bit libraries. See our post for more details. Accordingly, we’ve closed the poll — thanks to all who voted!
steam for linux with tux
Steam for Linux: Essential or Trivial?

Gamers the globe over were left open-mouthed by a Valve developer’s tweet that Steam for Linux is dropping support for Ubuntu as of the next release, Ubuntu 19.10.

That snippet of shock followed an announcement by Canonical developers that there’d be no traditional access to 32-bit libraries in the next short-term release of the famed Linux distro.

While confusion remains as to Canonical’s exact plans for the 32-bit Ubuntu archive — going away entirely? Just being frozen? Something else? — many Ubuntu users have taken to social media to state that if Steam goes from Ubuntu, so will they.

Would a lack of official support for using the world’s biggest games distribution platform and shop store front on Ubuntu be enough to make YOU switch distro?

That’s the question we’re asking in this weekend’s poll:

If Valve chose to no longer support Steam for Linux on Ubuntu 19.10 would that decision make you switch to a distro that did have support?

Maybe it would make you consider it?

Then again, perhaps you value using Ubuntu more than a famous games distribution platform?

Whatever your opinion is we’d love you to share it in the reacton’o’matic above, and expand on your reasons in the comments section below.

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