A new version of the GSConnect extension for GNOME Shell desktops is now available, and it’s packing a couple of nifty changes.

If you’ve not heard of GSConnect before then it’s best to think of it as a bridge between Android and Ubuntu.

As when the GSConnect extension is installed locally and paired with an Android phone running the KDE Connect Android app, a bunch of neat integrations are possible e.g., transfer files to and from Android, sync clipboard, send and receive SMS, see Android notifications, and even use a phone touchscreen as a trackpad for the desktop!

GSConnect v26 Released

features of GSConnect include SMS messaging

The latest release of this ingenious integrator has a new trick: letting you control Android music apps from the Ubuntu desktop.

It does this this by placing media controls in the notification tray of GNOME Shell (right where you see the MPRIS2 player controls for local audio apps).

Now, I can’t say I tend to listen to music on my phone while I’m using my desktop — if anything I tend to listen to music on my desktop while playing with my phone — but I won’t scoff at a bit of MPRIS2 integration as it’s always nice to see!

Other changes in GSConnect v26 include:

  • Experimental clipboard sync on Wayland
  • Experimental CLI scripting feature
  • MMS group messaging (read only)
  • Support for Brave web browser
  • Support for Nemo file manager
  • Contacts Plugin
  • SMS Protocol fix

Like the sound of all those improvements? Of course you do — so go get ’em!

GSConnect 26 is available to install from EGO — aka extensions.gnome.org — right now. Nope, it’s not in the review queue!

View ‘GSConnect’ on GNOME Extensions

Remember: you can update GNOME extensions that you have installed without needing to remove and reinstall them — just click the green update arrow on EGO.

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