dell linux range

Dell. Blessed Dell. The computer giant is passionate about meeting the needs of Linux loving users with its “Project Sputnik” derived line of devices — and we love them for it!

But while Dell might make the best Linux laptops available — not that I’ve been lucky enough to ever try one — they don’t seem to be the easiest Linux laptops to find for purchase.

Trying to locate the “Ubuntu” option available on devices like the latest Dell XPS 13 Developer Edition line is like a game of hide and seek. The relevant option crouching behind some random toggle on customisation page that takes three hundreds clicks and a page scroll to get to.

However, that appears to be changing.

Screenshot of the Dell Linux Range

A eagle-eyed omg! ubuntu! reader has mailed in to tell me that going to in a web browser — or another app; wget it if you want — now loads a fancy landing page that showcases the entire Dell Linux range.

This includes the recently refreshed Dell XPS 13 Developer Edition, the cost-conscious Dell Precision models, and beefy tower workstations.

In all, very nice and well worth knowing about if you’re in the market for a reliable, dependable, yet Linux-friendly laptop or workstation.

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