The crowdfunded Purism Librem 5 promises to be the most Linux-y Linux smartphone there has ever been — but nearly 2 years on from reaching its funding goal we still don’t really know what the phone will actually look like.

But that situation may have just changed.

The latest video to be uploaded by the privacy-minded outfit to YouTube — an odd choice location given how they rally folks against the major social networks — teases “something a little different”.

And by “a little different” they mean “not a demo of a desktop app running on the Librem 5 dev kit”, which is something they’ve been doing each day for the past fortnight.

The briefest of brief glimpses flashes up the following image:

This is clearly a picture of a bird plane superman smartphone, right?

I say picture because, to my (admittedly compromised) eyes the image looks like a render of a smartphone rather than a photograph of an actual one.

Purism has yet to reveal the final memory size, cameras, battery and speaker set-up for the phone, which is apparently still on course to ship in August/September of this year.

Update: Purism has announced the finalised Librem 5 specs.

But there’s can’t be any other explanation for the render’s appearance, surely? Why would Purism include it in a video related to the Librem 5 is the image wasn’t of the Librem 5?

Rhetorical question there folks because, plainly, they wouldn’t.

So the image above, render or otherwise, is probably our first first look at the finalised design of the Purism Librem 5 Linux phone.

It looks a little different from the renders presented during the crowdfunding campaign and that used on their online store:

Purism Librem 5 Phone Renders
An early render of the Librem 5

But it’s still identifiably a smartphone. The ‘new’ render has a much smaller chin bezel than the original, though marginally wider side bezels.

Thanks Andrew

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