Adwaita Firefox Theme

A new Firefox theme helps the browser integrated more clearlnyl with the desktop environment’s default theme.

The suitably titled ‘Firefox GNOME Theme‘ for Firefox 60 (and up) adheres strictly to the look laid out by the ‘new’ Adwaita theme found in GNOME 3.32 and up.

We’re talking the same gradients, colours, and button shapes. It supports Adwaita’s standard beige look and the optional (and soon to be more accessible) dark mode.

Compared to the way Firefox under this Adwaita looks normally, this theme offers:

  • Adwaita light & dark theme
  • Support for left-aligned window controls
  • Themed context menus
  • Inactive window state
  • Themed pop-overs

It also includes a set of optional features that Adwaita addicts may also wish to enable:-

  • Hide tab bar for single tab
  • URL width autocomplete bar
  • Symbolic-style tab icons
  • GNOME stack icons for toolbar buttons

I’ve described GNOME Web (aka Epiphany) as the browser we’d all like to use, but don’t. This theme kind of makes Mozilla Firefox look more like Web. Which, in a roundabout way, is a compliment (I think).

And don’t think you need to be running Fedora to be an avid advocate of Adwaita. No sirree: you can use the new Adwaita theme on Ubuntu 19.04 in just a couple button presses.

GNOME Adwaita Firefox Theme

Screenshot of Adwaita dark Firefox Theme

Now for the not-so-good bit.

If you want to use this Adwaita theme with Firefox 60+ on your desktop you’ll have to roll up your sleeves. As of writing there is no pre-built, one-click easy-install package. Heck, there’s not even an installation script (but one’s coming).

If you’re okay with manually editing files and copying things into place, you can try this out. If you’re not? Well, wait for an easier install method.

You’ll find complete up-to-date instructions and all the files you need to transform Firefox into an ace Adwaita adorned app over on the Github page linked below:

Open ‘Firefox GNOME Theme’ on GitHub

I’d love to see a similar theme for Yaru. Just sayin’

h/t Alex (as always)

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