the kdenlive video editor

The Kdenlive video editor has a sizeable new bug fix update out.

Kdenlive 19.04.3 serves as the third point release in the ‘refactored’ Kdenlive 19.04.x series. It’s also expected to be the final minor update, as a new “major release” is said to be less than a month away.

“With this release we finished polishing the rough edges and now we can focus on adding new features while fixing other small details left,” the team writes of the release.

Among the 70 or so bugs that Kdenlive 19.04.3 fixes are issues related to keyframe management; opening projects files with missing proxy clips; and handling timeline previews.

Audio thumbnails benefit from a code clean-up; zoom options have been moved to the Timeline; and there’s said to be a “major speedup in clip selection” when working with large projects.

It’s also now possible to assign a shortcut to multitrack view — handy!

If these sound like welcome bandaids to bugs you’ve battled with, you can download the latest Kdenlive release as an AppImage from the project website below:

Download Kdenlive Video Editor

This standalone runtime should work on Ubuntu and most other Linux distributions as it contains everything it needs to run. Just remember that you need to give it permission before trying to launch it.

A Flatpak build is available on Flathub for those who favour new fangled app formats, while an official PPA provides fans of more traditional app install methods an easy way to update — albeit in theory.

The catch with the PPA is that it is yet to be updated with Kdenlive 19.04.2, much less 19.04.3.

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