Ring, Ring: Open Source Calling

Google Summer of Code 2019 is proving to be a bumper one for KDE Connect, the open source Android-to-PC integration suite.

Last week we reported on the progress made by a GSoC student on KDE Connect for Mac. This week we bring word on a new KDE Connect Windows port.

“Wait, isn’t KDE Connect already available for Windows?”, you might (rightly) ask — and the answer is yes, kind of!

Anyone can build KDE Connect for Windows, and the client sort of works on Windows. But things aren’t in a complete enough state to become “official”, and many of the important KDE Connect plugins do not work.

Improving the condition of the client is Google Summer of Code student Piyush Aggarwal, whose KDE Connect for Windows GSoC project plans to tackle the current flaws.

The stated aim of his effort is to “…release a [KDE Connect] port for Windows OS, by fixing the existing plugins […] adding system integrations and publishing the official build to the Windows Store.”

It’s hoped that a release-quality installer can be submitted to the Windows Store for review by the end of summer.

And, in his latest progress update, Piyush shares the following video demo to let us all see how his work is shaping up:-

Looking good, isn’t it?

Remember: GSoC projects are proposed and worked on by students. Projects need to be achievable (ergo no pie in the sky ideas), meet a set of stated criteria, and (crucially) help the student learn during the process in order to be accepted into the programme.

The KDE Connect GSoC projects taking place this summer do not take away from development effort on the regular Linux client (which is as active as ever).

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