Since Linux seems to have as many music players as it does distributions, I’d wager you’re not on the hunt for a new one.

But don’t dismiss the obliquely named Tauon Music Box‘ out of hand.

This music app is lightweight, has a stylish, responsive UI, and makes heavy use of album artwork (which elephants and long-time readers will know is something that pushes my buttons).

The app is not trying to compete with the full-blown, feature-filled, all-in-one music apps like Rhythmbox, Amarok and Guayadeque.

And I’m not spotlighting it because I think it’s the best music player for Linux.

Instead, I find that this app serves a niche, and serves it well. It ticks a few boxes (minimal, lightweight, responsive design) that make it worth knowing about as an option, even if it’s not your preference.

Built in Python, Tauon can use Gstreamer or the proprietary BASS Audio Library for playback. This choice won’t be everyone’s cup of tea (and earlier versions used FFMPeg) but it does mean the app is able to play pretty much anything you throw at it, including Flac files.

Other Tauon Music Box features include:

  • Drag and drop track importing
  • Responsive UI
  • Visually keep track of play time
  • Automatic CUE sheet detection
  • scrobbling (always on my #musthave list, this)
  • Optional lyrics fetching
  • Album art fetching
  • Super small mini modes
  • Can play (and record) Icecast/Shoutcast streams from URL
  • Built-in selection of themes

Is this app featured or fancy enough to complete with Rhythmbox, Clementine, Cantata and company? No, nor is it much use if you prefer to use music streaming services like Soundcloud, Spotify or YouTube Music.

tauon music box screenshot
The app features a selection of micro modes

But for a nimble, to-the-point music player that looks good on Linux, doesn’t slow your system down, and can cope with oversized music collections, give the Tauon Music Box a look in.

Better yet the app is available for both Windows and Linux, thus freeing you from having to use iTunes or the Groove Music on your dual-boot!

Tauon Music Box Releases on Github

If you’re you’re a fan of Flatpak apps you can install Tauon Music Box from Flathub or the Snap Store.

Finally if you’re reading from Arch —don’t hide, I know a large % of you are!— you can find Tauon in AUR.

The earlier version of this article incorrectly referred to the app as the ‘Tauron Music Box’. Apologies for exciting anyone reading from the Twelve Colonies of Kobol.

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