KDE neon 5.16

KDE Neon 5.16 is now available to download.

The Ubuntu-based Linux “distribution” (which doesn’t consider itself a traditional Linux distribution) prides itself on shipping the latest, greatest KDE software as and when it’s available.

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So, naturally, the freshly spun ISO comes toting the brand-new, feature-packed KDE Plasma 5.16 release at its core.

Plasma 5.16 offers a wealth of changes and improvements, including a new notification system, new login/lock screens, revamped theme system and more.

Download KDE neon 5.16

You can download KDE Neon 5.16 as a 64-bit ISO in a choice of edition, though most people will be fine with the regular ‘User Edition’. This offers the “latest officially released KDE software on a stable base”:

KDE Neon 5.16 User Edition is based on Ubuntu 18.04 LTS and uses Linux Kernel 4.18 (though the LTS hardware enablement stack is available, so Linux 5.0 will arrive at some point). The not-a-distro distro also features Qt 5.12.3 and KDE Frameworks 5.59.9.

Download KDE Neon (User Edition)

Newly prepared versions of KDE Neon Developer Edition and Testing Edition are also available to download, though as of writing the Unstable Edition is a few days behind the rest.

You’ll find more details and download links on the KDE Neon website:

Visit the KDE Neon Downloads Page

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