Ubuntu 19.04 ‘Disco Dingo’ is here, serving as latest version of the Ubuntu operating system — but what’s changed?

Well, honestly: not much. The Disco Dingo dances to a subtle beat, favouring modest evolution over dramatic dance floor revolution.

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Ubuntu 19.04: Everything You Need to Know

But don’t take my word for it; see for yourself by watching our Ubuntu 19.04 video. In 2 minutes and 35 seconds I’ll whizz you through all the major new changes (the ones that are demonstrable at least).

Our video may help you decide whether to upgrade to Ubuntu 19.04, or stay back on an older version, like the latest LTS release.

Watch it on your commute, watch at work while no-one is looking, or watch it while eating cornflakes in your pants (the British kind) — just be sure to watch it, and pass the video on to anyone else who might be interested in trying Ubuntu 19.04 out!

If video overviews aren’t you thing we’ve got you covered with an entire blog post dedicated to everything new in Ubuntu 19.04.

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