Linux users install more than 3 million Snap apps each and every month, a new infographic from Canonical reveals.

The figure represents the number of Snap apps that are installed across the full range of device categories the tech targets. This means it includes cloud, IoT and gateways in addition to desktop Linux distros used by the likes of you and me.

Even so, this is a crazy high number, isn’t it? Certainly higher than the figure I would’ve guessed had you asked me to before lunchtime today!

But what is it that makes Snap apps so popular?

Snappy Success

A “Snap app” is simpler a distro-agnostic software package that contains all the files, libraries and dependencies needed to run.

Snap apps are installed from the Snapcraft Store, feature automatic updates (and rollback functionality should something break), tighter system permissions, and, in some cases, isolation/sandboxing from the rest of the system.

Users are always using the latest, most up-to-date and/or secure version of software they install as Snaps. Updates are automatic and silent, taking place in the background. Users can’t (as yet) easily defer or decline an update.

It’s not just Snap app installs Canonical can confidently crow about. Snapcraft is also gaining traction with Linux community app developers and major software vendors alike.

According to the infographic the Snapcraft Store now boasts over 2000 developers use Snappy to publish software. This includes apps from the well-known companies like Microsoft, Google, Spotify, Videolan andSlack (yucky new logo included).

Future Plans

Canonical says it has big plans for the Snap store going forward, with the aim of turning it in to a “broader content hub” and not solely a repository for software. We teased some of their ideas last year.

Could we see the Snap store introduce editorial features (think modern macOS/iOS App Store), editor’s picks, trending apps, and curated software selections? It’s looking likely.

View the Snapcraft Infographic

Back to the infographic touting the tech’s success. Click below to view the full infographic below to learn more (there’s a super-duper hi-res version too, if you’re struggling to read it).

Snapcraft infographic
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