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It just got easier (and more secure) to share files with your friends and family online — all thanks to Mozilla, makers of Firefox.

Update: Firefox Send shut down in 2020.

The free-web advocating non-profit has announced that its ‘Firefox Send‘ feature has graduated from (the now axed) test pilot programme to fully fledged service in its own right.

And the best bit? You don’t even need Firefox to use it.

Firefox Send: Easy Encrypted File Sharing

“It’s totally standalone: you don’t even need Firefox to use Firefox Send”

In essence Firefox Send is a free, open-source and fully encrypted file-transfer service.

It’s also totally standalone; you can access Firefox Send in any web browser you like, just point your preferred web navigator at the site, and away you go.

You can even access Firefox Send from the command line (albeit unofficially), while an official Firefox Send Android app is said to be on the way, too.

Encrypted & Private By Default

A screenshot of Firefox Send
Firefox Send works in (almost) any web browser

The real lure of Firefox Send is its control and privacy model.

Mozilla can’t see what files you upload, they don’t log who you are, and they don’t track who downloads files, either..

Plus you, as the file sender, remain in control of the file(s) you send through the service.

For example, it’s up to you how long the file(s) you share are available for download; who can access them; and how many times the file(s) can be downloaded before automatically being deleted.

You can even add a password for additional security should the promise of end-to-end encryption not quell your privacy-conscious concerns.

Firefox Send is just as straight-forward on the other side, too.

To download a file from Firefox Send you just click the link you’re sent (be it personally, or shared online) and that’s it! No sign in or sign up required.


Naturally there is a caveat or two attached to a service like this.

Anonymous users can only send files that are up-to 1GB in size. Anything bigger and it’s nope out. Furthermore, anonymous uploads can only be downloaded once, and automatically expire after one (1) day (or sooner, if you choose).

To fling files of up to 2.5GB in size you have to sign-in using (or sign-up for) a valid Firefox account. This will let links stay active for up-to seven (7) days.

All files you send through Firefox Send are encrypted client side, with the encryption key shared as part of the hyperlink after the # (meaning the server never, in theory, sees it).

Will you use Firefox Send?

In summary, Firefox Send provides a convenient, secure, and fuss-free way to share files online. It’s quick, it’s easy, and it’s free.

Will you use Firefox Send?
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