DEll xps 13 9380
Shiny and new!

A new version of the popular Dell XPS 13 developer edition laptop has gone on sale — and it’s powered by Ubuntu, naturally.

The updated Dell XPS 13 developer edition is available to buy in the US, Europe, and Canada, with prices starting at $740.

The newly refreshed notebook is the direct successor to the Dell XPS 13 developer edition (9370) launched back in January 2018 (to much praise and plenty of envy).

“Last January the Dell XPS 13 developer edition (9370) made its debut Today we’re excited to announce that one year later its successor, the XPS 13 developer edition (9380), is now available in the US, Canada, and Europe,” Barton George, head of Project Sputnik at Dell, says in his announcement.

Dell XPS 13 Developer Edition (9380) Specs

A major criticism levelled at previous generation Dell XPS 13 was the location of the webcam: at the bottom of the screen. Clearly unpopular, I’m pleased to say that chin-cam is no more; the revised XPS 13 finds room for the webcam precisely where you’d expect it: at the top of the display.

Upgraded hardware also features, with the new Dell XPS 13 Developer Edition laptop boasting a choice of Intel 8th generation i3, i5 and i7 processors; Intel UHD Graphics 620; up to 16GB RAM; and a range of storage options.

The (reportedly glorious) 13.3-inch InfinityEdge display in full HD or 4k UHD resolutions. A touch option available.

Another notable feature is Suspend-to-idle, which the new model supports natively. This feature allows the system to ‘resume much more quickly from sleep’ than without. A nice touch, no?

The new Dell XPS 13 Developer Edition laptop all ship with Ubuntu 18.04 LTS by default, though Windows variants (sans the developer edition title) are also available.

Buy the new XPS 13 developer edition

If you’re in the US, Canada, or Europe you can order the new Dell XPS 13 developer edition from Dell’s online store from today.

Prices start at $740 for base config (i3, 4GB RAM, 128GB SSD, FHD) with the cost rising with additional configurations/upgrades.

Buy the new Dell XPS 13 Developer Edition

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